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To provide restoration and empowerment to the Southeastern Bahamas Islands devastated by Hurricane Joaquin. The islands most affected by Hurricane Joaquin include Acklins, Crooked Island, Long Cay, Long Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador.

Our efforts are focused on restoring hope and empowering communities to flourish and stand strong against future storms through:

  • restoring and building core community structures with an eye to aesthetic and historical preservation; and
  • rebuilding homes while simultaneously creating jobs. 

Initial estimates report that Hurricane Joaquin has wiped out an estimated 413 homes in Long Island, 227 houses in San Salvador, 123 homes in Acklins, 50 houses in Crooked Island and 23 residences in Rum Cay. The total cost damage is now pegged at $80 million and is expected to continue to rise.

Certificate of Incorporation [pdf]
IRS Federal Tax Exemption Document [pdf]

Board of Directors
Elizabeth Tharp Dingman – Chairman
David Muñoz – Vice Chairman
Lacy Garcia Roosevelt – President & Secretary
Odetta Grant Morton – Treasurer

Advisory Board
Jean Chalopin – Chairman
Bettina Anderson
Tanya Melich Crone
Alannah Ginns
Reverend Dr. Tellison Glover
Gevon Moss
Peter Whitehead, Jr.
Jessica Malms
Jack Roosevelt
Katrina Vanderlip


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